Friday, April 23, 2010


Week 31

So there's been lots of rescheduling going on in my life lately. We were supposed to register this past weekend (and the weekend before, and the weekend before) but kept running out of time. We finally registered last night at Target and Walmart. That was a nightmare! Maybe I'll write more about that later. We didn't register for some of the big things because I didn't feel like I knew which stroller or car seat or high chair we should pick. I guess this means I need to do a little more research. At least we finally did that. Which is good because the shower is coming up.

Speaking of the shower (in Maquoketa), that has been rescheduled for sure. Originally, we were thinking that we'd do it on May 23rd. That ended up not working out, and so we've changed it to May 16th. Either way I'll be done with school and ready to turn my mind completely to baby stuff!

We were also supposed to have taken our tour of the St. Luke's birthing center on Wednesday. That ended up falling through as well. Blake got sick right before, and I called to see if they'd like us to reschedule. They did. It's probably good we didn't end up going; Blake had tonsillitis. I think he's feeling better now, so I just need to reschedule that.

On a positive rescheduling note, I wasn't sure what I had planned for Saturday. Probably some homework and cleaning, but it turns out that Tara is most likely going to visit. For those of you who don't know Tara, we were pretty much BFFs in middle school and high school, and she's still one of my best friends. This will be the first time she'll visit us in Cedar Rapids, so I'm pretty pumped. I can't remember the last time the two of us just hung out. And I love a good reason not to do homework.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Week 30

Blake and I are planning on registering this weekend. We need to get on it; my shower is coming up before too long. Trying to think of everything we need is a daunting task. Jamie's helped me out by pointing me to a helpful site. I saw a pretty crazy hands-free pumping bra. I think I'd feel like a dairy cow being hooked up to that thing! It's probably more efficient that way. I especially like the second picture Amazon has posted of the mom hooked up to the bra and sitting on the floor with her baby while the milk bottles dangle. I definitely plan on doing that. And taking pictures of it. The black is much sexier, too. Because I liked it so much, I'm going to share the picture with you.

If anyone reading this has suggestions for me, I'm happy to hear them! I mean about registering... not necessarily about ways to model my hands free pumping bra. But knock yourself out if that's how you roll.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Poster is presented

Week 30

Friday I presented my poster for graduation. It was a pretty stressful day, but I made it through. I actually thought it went pretty well. I didn't stumble (much) through my two minute presentation, and my poster turned out pretty nice. My amazing husband was nice enough to print it for me.

The baby was good all day, no hard kicks while I was trying to present or anything :) I'm not sure if my nerves affected him or her at all, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did. I really wanted a beer when I was done. I didn't have one, of course, I just had a smell of the one Blake was drinking.

Here's the poster I presented:

Monday, April 5, 2010


Week 29

We had a good Easter yesterday. We spent the first part of the day with Blake's family. There's an adult Easter egg hunt every year that's always a lot of fun. I made a fruit salsa that went over well. Check it out if you're interested.

We went to my Grandma and Grandpa's house later in the day. I must be starting to show a lot more, I had just seen everyone a week earlier at my cousin Brad's wedding, and a couple people commented on how much more I was showing. Maybe that had something to do with the fact that I had been eating all day. We'll say it didn't, the baby must be growing a lot :)

I had felt guilty all day because we left Petey at home, but he was so good. He was just asleep on his chair like he always is when we got home. I'm a little nervous to see how Petey will do when we bring the baby home, but he's gotten so much better with kids since we first brought him home that I'm hopeful it won't be too difficult. I'm not sure how he'll deal with not being the baby anymore. This is the most recent picture I have of Petey. I'm pretty biased, but I think he's pretty darn cute.

I realized that we don't really have any pictures of me pregnant either. I had Blake take a picture of me tonight. I must say I look enormous. I guess I didn't realize how big I looked. Maybe it's the shirt... maybe it's not.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I'm really looking forward to being done with school, but there's classes that I'm excited to take: baby classes. I'm kind of anal sometimes, and I like to feel prepared for things. Needless to say, I feel less prepared for bringing home a baby than for anything else I've ever done in my life.

Poor Blake, he's agreed to go to the classes that I really want to attend. I thought it would be just a few, but after going through all the classes offered at St. Luke's, I counted 10 classes I want to take. I realize that's probably a fairly ridiculous number, especially considering I still have school to finish. There are four classes, though, that I've decided I really want to take (baby basics, breast feeding, birth & labor, and comfort techniques). I'm going to give Blake a chance to negotiate on the others.