Friday, June 25, 2010

Just the two of us

Week 40

When I first started writing about the pregnancy, I wasn't sure if I would still be writing at this point. From what I understand, pretty much half of all pregnancies go past the due date, so I really should have been suspecting that I could be one of those people. I still have three days until my due date, so I shouldn't get too far ahead of myself. I read something interesting yesterday or the day before, probably a blog, and the woman said being pregnant is easier than having a newborn, so that's how I'm going to look at this. I might be getting more and more uncomfortable, but you know what? It's never going to be just me and Blake ever again. I've been trying to think of that at night when we're sitting next to each other on the couch or when we jump in the car to run an errand or go to dinner. No matter how great it will be to start our family and have a baby, there will be a part of me that will miss the ease of life being just the two of us.

We've been together a little over three years, we've actually lived in the same town for two, and we've been married for a little over a year and a half. That doesn't seem like all that long in the grand scheme of things. So even though I almost dread going to bed at night because I'm up peeing every two hours and having crazy dreams that don't make any sense, I'm going to enjoy these last few days we have together. Plus, he's been super nice to me lately, I could live with being a little uncomfortable if I can have such an attentive husband :)

My favorite line from him so far (well, it rivals "I hope our kids look like me.")? I asked him yesterday if he still loves me even though I'm big and ugly. He responded with, "You're not ugly." :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Doctor's appointment #578

Week 40

Today I saw the doctor again. It was a different doctor than I am used to and the first time that I saw a male doctor. He was really nice.

Anyway, on to the disappointing news. There's been no progress since last week. I'm six days away from my due date, and I'm still only 1/2 centimeter dilated. I'm trying to stay positive about it; things can change quickly. The doctor I saw today seemed fairly confident that I would be seeing my doctor again next week, though.

I've got an appointment scheduled for Monday, my due date. If I make it until then, I'll need to talk to my doctor about when induction might need to happen. I'm hoping it won't be an issue. I think most doctors at St. Luke's don't like to go more than one week past the due date, but I might see if they'd be willing to wait a little longer if it comes to that.

So send prayers and good thoughts my way! I'll be doing what I can from this end, which is surprisingly little. Let me know if you have suggestions, I've already got a peanut buster parfait on the menu for this week (thanks, crazy lady from Joann Fabric!).

So how's that vagina?

Week 40

Ok, maybe this post should be titled "So how's that cervix?" I thought vagina was funnier, though. I had a weird experience at work today. A coworker came up to ask about the pregnancy and asked if I was dilated at all. Now don't get me wrong, I don't care if people ask. It doesn't bother me. I just was thinking about it later, and it occurred to me how strange of a question that can be to ask in a workplace. Just take a second and think about what that question is really asking...

In what other context besides pregnancy can you ask about the status of a woman's reproductive organs without it being weird? I can't really think of any. And that question still might be weird to some people within earshot if they're not really into knowing that kind of information about other people.

Sometimes I'm not sure how to respond to questions like, "Is that baby coming soon?" or "When's that baby gonna show up?" or "How are things coming along?" For one, I don't know. For another, what information do they actually want? I usually just respond that I'm not sure that baby's going anywhere soon. I figure they can take what they want from that. If people want more specific information, it's ok if they ask.

Monday, June 21, 2010

One week

Week 40

It's one week until my due date, which means I am starting the 40th week of my pregnancy or 39 and change, if you prefer. Can you believe it's been that long? According to my ticker, it's been 273 days. That is a long time. Luckily, I'm still feeling pretty good. I guess I should say good considering that state I'm in :) There are people who are/have been much worse off than me at this point, I'm sure.

Some of the nice things that are going on lately include:

My feet swelled to approximately the size of loaves of bread when I played cards yesterday, but raising them for a while helped a little.

My fingers are pretty much sausage-like all the time now. I'm still wearing my engagement ring, it's a little too tight with the wedding band. I just don't feel right without wearing something on my finger. I always wonder if when people look at my belly their next stop is my left hand to see if I'm married. I guess at this point it looks like I'm only engaged... oh well.

My stretch marks are still beautiful and now more plentiful! Awesome!

My face is kind of red all the time. Not the mask of pregnancy I've heard of as far as I can tell, it just looks red and irritated.

Every once in a while I get heartburn that's so bad I think my throat must be getting eaten away. It's best to try not to burp during these bouts of heartburn. If you didn't know better, you would probably expect to start tasting blood at any moment.

I'm also pretty sure that I'm snoring pretty loudly at points during the night. I've been doing this weird thing where I snore once really loud and wake myself up. It's pretty attractive. Especially when I try to roll over and get out of bed after that since I have to pee every two hours.

I don't mean to complain, and it's actually funny to look over the list of things I just wrote. If you were to ask me how I'm feeling I would tell you honestly that I'm feeling pretty good. I guess that's what happens with pregnancy; those things that would seem awful on a normal, non-pregnant day don't seem so bad. Or maybe that's just me. I've noticed I'm not always very observant of what is happening with my own body. If something is unpleasant or painful, I tend to just block it out. I didn't even realize I was having heartburn for quite a while, I just shut out the unpleasant feeling. Maybe that will be helpful during labor. Who knows?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

First outfits

Week 39

Last weekend Blake and I did a little shopping. One of the things we accomplished was finally picking out first outfits for the baby. It was fun because we were able to each pick out an outfit. We decided Blake would pick out the boy outfit, and I would pick out the girl.

I think he did a pretty good job with his:

I love the little sneaker footie part of the outfit.

Alright, I really fell in love with the outfit I picked out if we have a girl. Take a look:

And to make it even cuter:

I tried not to pick anything complicated to put on, and this is basically a onesie with a skirt attached. I figure we might not use the little cardigan, but it's just so damn cute! I feel like the picture doesn't do it justice. I guess you'll just have to wait and see if it's a girl, then I'm sure it'll look even cuter with a baby in it :)

We went shopping today, too. It's been kind of a theme lately. We were looking around and saw a really cute "first 4th of July" outfit. At this rate, I'm just hoping we have the baby by then! We thought it would be cute to have this for the 4th and maybe even for the hospital if the baby decided to be born on Independence Day.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The awesome stroller

Week 39

I ordered our stroller last week, and Blake did his husbandly/fatherly duty of putting it together once we got it. I'm so glad he takes care of those things; I really don't want to.

I've been pushing the stroller around the house a little, I look pretty crazy. The best part is that Petey is terrified of it, so walks will be a lot of fun once the baby's here! I think he's getting a little more used to it as he sees it around the house.

The reason I ended up picking this stroller is that it has really high reviews and it was pretty reasonably priced. I like the three wheel look, too. Also, the car seat is compatible with it, so that's nice. It also folds down really easily... as long as I remember to lock the wheels :)

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of the stroller now that it's put together:

Friday, June 18, 2010

Baby book

Week 39

I recently purchased a baby book, that's it up above. It should be arriving in the mail next week. I'm kind of excited about it. Filling out the pages will keep me busy for a while! I was thinking about waiting to pick out a boy or girl themed one, but I decided I didn't want to wait any longer. Part of the fun of this pregnancy has been not knowing what we're having, and I think choosing a neutral baby book helps to show that. Plus, the giraffe is pretty cute.

I still love looking back at my baby book and seeing what my mom wrote and all the pictures she put in there. I just have to remember to stay motivated and do it for all of our kids!

Bad dreams

Week 39 (10 days and counting!)

I've heard that bad dreams are common during pregnancy, and I've had a few pretty bad ones myself. I haven't had any in quite a while, but two nights ago I had another one. Luckily, it wasn't anything like the dreams earlier in my pregnancy.

I read an article in a magazine about parents who accidentally leave their babies in their vehicles. Before I read the article, I always thought that those people must be horrible parents. After reading this article, though, I didn't really see it the same way. It must have really gotten to me because I think it's what caused the dream I had that night.

In the dream the baby had been born (even in the dream I didn't know if it was a boy or a girl), and I kept forgetting where I left him or her. It was pretty awful. It was like I was just constantly forgetting that we had a baby, and every once in a while I would panic and wonder where I had left it (don't get mad that I called the baby it, saying him or her over and over is just annoying). Once we were in a van with some of my family members, and I looked back and thought the baby wasn't in the car seat. Then my mom told me that she had put the baby in the car seat, and when I looked closer there it was.

It's not that I really think this will happen to me, but it was an awful feeling to think that I had left my baby in random places. It was kind of funny after I woke up and thought about it, but it was a while until the uneasy feeling was all the way gone.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I hope he wins

Week 39

Today I was doing a little web surfing and came across an interesting video clip. Some of you may not know that Blake's oldest brother, Chad, has cerebral palsy. It's not something that you hear or see a lot about in the media, so when I do find something it catches my eye. The video I saw today was really good.

Oprah has created a contest where one person will win a TV show. People are invited to submit a short video introducing themselves and the concept for the show. The audition video that I watched this morning came from Zach Anner who has cerebral palsy, what he calls "the sexiest of the palsies." It's really funny, and I thought I would share it with anyone who happens to read this.

Here's the link you can follow to the official website where you can watch the video. You can vote here, too, if you want.

If you don't want to do that and would like to view the video from the comfort of this blog, well, here you go:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not much progress

Week 39

So I had my 3rd weekly appointment this morning. It's been two weeks since my doctor has checked to see how far along I am, so I was hoping to be a little more dilated this time. It was not to be. I'm still at only 1/2 a centimeter. There's still two weeks (minus one day) until my due date, so there's still plenty of time for all of that to happen. I was just hoping it might happen a little earlier than my due date. I think most people do. It could still happen, but I'm starting to think more and more that I'll be waiting at least until the due date.

I was going to ask my doctor if she has any idea how big the baby is, but I forgot. Not that it's a huge deal, but I've been told by a bunch of people that I don't look far enough along to be two weeks from my due date. It makes me wonder if the baby is small or something... I'm not really sure how to take those comments. I guess if that was an issue the doctor would have mentioned it. I'm measuring at 39 weeks, which is just about right.

Things are going well. I feel pretty good. Getting in and out of bed is getting a little bit more difficult, but I think that's to be expected :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

14 days

Week 39

If you look at the slightly creepy ticker on the right side of my blog, you will see that the ticker reads 14 days or fewer until my due date. Well, it might not even read that depending on the way it's showing the time. Either way, 14 days is an incredibly short amount of time! I am due exactly two weeks from today. I'm wondering if I will be going early, late, or maybe one the 5% of people who actually deliver on their due date. Who knows? Not me.

I have a doctor's appointment at 9:00 tomorrow morning where I'll get checked to see if I am any more dilated than last time. I was half a centimeter two weeks ago, so we'll see if I've come any closer to being ready to have this baby. I hope so. I know it's normal for women to go late with their first pregnancy, but I'm hoping I will go right about on time or maybe even a little early.

On another note, I think we've decided on names for sure. I say I think because I'm not going to rule out making a last minute change in the hospital if we decide the name just doesn't fit. I'd tell you here, but we've agreed not to tell people ahead of time. Blake must like surprises. Not only is the sex going to be a surprise, the name will be a surprise, too (for most of you, at least).

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The bassinet

Week 39

The weekend of Blake's birthday his parents were nice enough to not only take us out for dinner but also bought us a sweet bassinet. Blake put it together a while ago, but I'm just getting around to posting the picture. I really love the way it looks, and I think it will work out great for us.

After Bruce and Arloeen took us shopping we went to eat at Carlos O'Kelly's. It's one of Blake's favorites. I don't mind it much either. Did you know they serve mashed potatoes there now? Isn't that weird? They were actually pretty tasty. I'm a sucker for mashed potatoes. Speaking of food, Arloeen made caramel brownies for Blake's birthday. Yummy! Luckily, Blake took them to share at work, so I didn't eat too many of them.

Now here's something unrelated. Below is a picture of some Gerbera Daisies. They're my favorite. Hy-Vee was having a sale ($1 a stem), so I decided to buy some for myself. One of them fell apart on the way home. I got kind of mad about it. By kind of mad, I mean I was seriously enraged. I think it must have been the hormones. I realized when I got home that I didn't have an appropriately sized vase. Oh well. By then the rage had passed, so I put them in this ridiculously too large vase. The sad part was that two of the flowers were dead the next day. One is still around. It's the yellow and orange one on the right. That's good because it's the prettiest one :)

Jammin' out

Week 38

Rhubarb is ripe and ready! That's pretty exciting for me. My parents have a patch that they generously share with me and pretty much anyone who wants some. The last time they were here my parents brought me some rhubarb, and I've been looking forward to making some jam. Two years ago I tried making a strawberry rhubarb jam that was pretty good. It just didn't have that taste I was looking for, it seemed a little too... jiggly. Last year I scoured for a recipe I might like better. Boy, did I find it!

Drum roll...

I give you Rhubarb Berry Jam!

I spent a few hours on Sunday making jam and then canning it in a hot water bath. I stood the majority of the time. That was a bad idea. By the time I was done my feet were red and swollen. I'm sure it was very attractive. However, I think it'll be worth it. Last year I made a batch that disappeared quickly. I can think of one particular night we had people over and late night snacking took care of a whole pint! That same summer I made a double batch, that lasted until about last week. Some of Blake's friends love it, and I like giving it as a gift. Here is the fruit of my labor!

I love the quilted jars, they're so cute! Honestly, I'm a big nerd, I know it. However, I'm not going to apologize for it. I like doing disgustingly domestic things like making jam, knitting, and baking. I'm hoping I'll still have time to do things like this after the baby's born. We'll see, I guess.

In the mean time, let me know if you'd like a jar. If you do, hopefully you're someone I see fairly often. I'm not sure about sending the glass jars through the mail.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy 28th to my hubby

Week 38

Today is Blake's 28th birthday. What an old man! I'm only 26 so this is pretty much a May-December romance. Just kidding! I'm lucky to keep up with Blake anymore. We walked the dog together, something I normally love. Blake has seemed not to notice that not only is he a foot taller than me, I'm not moving quite as fast as I used to. It's as if slowing down for me is physically painful for him. It's kind of amusing... most of the time.

Anyway, I have to say that I'm pretty fond of him. We've been married for just over a year and a half now. We've been together a little over three years, we started dating in March of 2007. It seems crazy how much has happened in those three years. I get the feeling that most people that knew us in high school probably were a little confused when they first heard that we were together. I know I thought it was weird. I can't say that Blake and I ever talked in high school, at least that I remember. Although a lot of the happy marriage stories I hear start out that way, so I think that was a good thing.

This is one of the oldest pictures I have of the two of us. It's one of my favorites. This was our first Iowa/Iowa State game together. I'm still surprised by the fact that Blake ended up marrying an Iowa State fan. Granted, I'm not a die hard fan or anything, but I wouldn't have been surprised to find out that my degree from ISU was a deal breaker. Luckily, he must have realized what a catch I am because he got over that pretty quickly and proposed before we had been together for a whole year.

Here's a picture I'm sure most of you have seen before. I still love it, so deal :) Blake proposed on my 24th birthday. My birthday is January 24th, so it happened to be my Golden Birthday. I've always had a feeling that day would be special. The number 24 has always seemed to pop up again and again in my life. I'm sure it's that way with any number if you're paying attention, but it doesn't change the fact that I always had a feeling my 24th birthday was going to be important. As Blake said when he proposed, he turned my Golden Birthday into a Diamond Birthday. I guess both gold and a diamond were involved, that makes for a pretty good birthday if you ask me.

I wasn't really expecting it. I definitely wasn't expecting to have a surprise party. If I had, I definitely would have avoided wearing matching shirts with Blake. We're really not one of those couples, I was visiting and didn't have a whole lot of choices packed. Had I known there would be pictures that I would treasure forever being taken that night, I might have made him change. Oh, well.

I guess after the proposal comes the marriage. I'm a little biased, but I loved our wedding! I mean, I wouldn't want to do it again. That would just be insane, but I wouldn't change it. Not even the weird, female, 80s-haired, tuxedo-wearing DJs. Well, maybe I would change that... but only after a lot of consideration!

Being married has been pretty awesome. I started grad school right about the time we got married (my first set of mid-terms were the week of the wedding). I finished grad school last month.

They say after marriage comes the baby carriage. Well, we don't actually have the stroller yet, but the baby is coming pretty soon! I don't have any good pictures of us together with my belly. Maybe that something we should do. Anyway, here's one of the only pictures I have of us together since I've been pregnant. It really makes me laugh. Blake doesn't like this picture, so don't tell him I posted it. It actually a pretty good description of our relationship while I've been pregnant; Blake gets to have the fun, and I get to watch him have fun :) Ok, it's not all that bad, but I'm looking forward to my first beer after the baby comes! I don't know when that will be, but it will be glorious.

We will be having a baby in about three weeks, according to my due date, that is. It doesn't look like the baby will be coming on Blake's birthday. I was wondering about that earlier in the pregnancy. While I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I don't think we are approaching it that quickly.

I know this post is way too long, but I wanted to write it before I didn't want to write it anymore. Does that make sense? Either way, I want to wish a Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband! We've come a long way in just three years, I can't wait to see what happens next!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A few pictures

Week 37

I took a few pictures today while the husband was off golfing. I thought I would share them, especially since that is the reason I took them.

Here is the quilt my Grandma Gilmore gave me for my shower. Normally, it's folded and laid over the back of the rocking chair. It gives a nice bit of color to the room. She said there's something coming after the baby is born. I'm excited to see what she has in mind!

This is the swing my Grandma Kaufman gave us. Blake was such a trooper when I asked him to set it up. I probably already said that, but it doesn't hurt to say it again. It is his birthday weekend after all! Also, you can see the cute Bumbo seat in the back.

I know I've already posted pictures of the crib and the bedding set that I bought, but I thought I would share a picture of what the crib actually looks like in the room. The pictures on the wall behind the crib are just leftovers that we haven't taken down yet. The colors are surprisingly close to matching. I still need to get some decorations on the wall, but the basics are pretty much all ready.

It's getting dangerously close to the due date. I'm a little scared yet, but I'm getting more and more excited to meet our little guy or girl.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Productive Weekend

Week 37

This past weekend was actually pretty productive. It's amazing how much easier it is to get things done when I don't have homework waiting for me!

I guess the only really productive day was yesterday, and that was because my parents came to town. Kristin stopped by, too. My dad helped Blake clean the gutters before he went fishing. My dad that is, Blake's not really the fishing type. My mom helped me get the baby's room pretty much all set up. It looks pretty nice in there. I'll have to take some pictures and post them. I'm kind of behind on that. We, and by we I mean Mom, weeded my flower bed. I had a couple foot tall thistles in there. Getting down on the ground to weed the flower bed is just a little bit beyond my abilities at this point. Well, I'm sure I could do it if I had to, but it's definitely uncomfortable. For example, I was on the floor arranging cords last night under my desk. Bad idea. You'd think I'd know better.

Anyway, my mom and I also did a little shopping. We got a couple storage bins for my stuff. Can you ever really have enough yarn? I don't think so. We got a really cute little rolling tub for baby toys. There aren't too many yet, but I'm trying to be prepared. And probably my favorite purchase of the day was a couple of Gerbera Daisy plants that we put in a couple of pots near our front door. They're yellow and happy looking. Add that to the flower beds that now contain only the plants they are supposed to have and the freshly cut lawn (thanks to my husband), and we've got a nice looking yard going on. Every weekend should be three days long.