Friday, December 17, 2010

Sylvia's awesome daycare providers

I'm pretty sure I talked about our daycare debacle a while back. The center we picked out screwed us over, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, I think we were actually pretty lucky that we backed out of going there. Sylvia spends her days with people that really love her. Her daycare provides Deena and Amanda (and Deena's husband, Papa, as the kids call him) are awesome. Deena's happy to see Sylvia when we walk in the door every morning. She even checked in to see how she was doing when she was sick earlier this week.

Today they did something that really made me happy (and miss my beautiful little girl even more). Here are some pictures they posted to my Facebook wall:

How great is that? I think you can tell from the pictures that she has fun at daycare. It's also awesome to walk in every morning and see everyone excited to see her. She has the privilege of being the only baby at daycare for now, and she gets tons of attention from the other kids there. They don't know my name, but I love hearing, "Sylvia's hear!" when we walk in the door. She's one of the first ones there and after we get her unpacked and settled, she's ready to have fun watching the other kids as they come in and I'm all but forgotten. And that's ok because she's happy but I also love to see the big silly grin I get when I pick her up in the evening.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

While I'm up

Since I'm already up and blogging I might as well share a couple of videos I took today. Blake and I did our own little Christmas today since we have a Christmas at home next weekend and won't be home at all the actual weekend of Christmas.

Sylvia doesn't really understand the whole Christmas thing, so I figure we should save money while we can! I haven't bought her many toys so far. For one, she really doesn't play with a lot of things yet and two, other people are pretty good at getting things for her. So I just got her a couple of small presents for Christmas. One is a teddy bear because every kid needs a teddy bear. The other is a stack of those colorful plastic rings, you know the ones that I mean. Every baby has them and Sylvia's getting the point where she'd play with something like that.

Since it was her first time opening a Christmas present, or any present for the matter, I recorded it. She's actually not bad at it considering she doesn't have any experience. So for your enjoyment, here is Sylvia opening her Christmas presents. I did have to help her a little, but she still did a great job! This may be a boring video for anyone who isn't me. I was there and I've watched it about five times. It must be a mom thing. Also, I feel really smart for wrapping in tissue paper. It was so easy for her to tear!


Our first bad night

Sylvia is almost six months old and we're having our first bad night. She's got what I think is her first real cold. She's had some congestion on and off since she started going to daycare, but today her nose actually started running.

She went to sleep at her normal time. I thought it was going to be a night like every other. Another perfect night in a long line of perfect nights. Around 10:30, though, she woke up and started crying. She cried for a few minutes so I went in to check on her. Maybe I should have let her cry it out then, but I just couldn't. She doesn't cry without reason. So I fed her because she hadn't eaten that well before bed. I put her back in her crib. She started crying again. Blake changed her and she had a poopy diaper. I thought after that things would be fine. I was wrong.

She's fallen asleep twice since then. Both times I've been rocking her. As soon as I try to put her down she wakes up and starts crying. I feel awful, but I can't hold her the whole night. It breaks my heart because I can hear her in there. I know she's tired. All she wants to do is suck her thumb and go to sleep, but she can't breath through her nose right now. So it's either comfort or breathing. Thank God she's choosing breathing even if it means I have a screaming baby.

We've put a couple pillows under her mattress near her head so she's not flat on her back. I was hoping that would help her breath a little better, but I can't tell that it's making any difference. I told Blake to go to bed because I can't sleep when she cries. Hopefully I'll get some sleep tomorrow and Blake can watch her. Any suggestions for what to do with for a baby that has a cold and needs to get some sleep? Am I a cruel mom to let her cry in there because it sure feels like it.

In a few minutes I'll break down and go in there. I keep thinking she's going to drop off to sleep when the crying starts to get softer but then the screaming starts again. If she's close to falling asleep, I really don't want to mess it up, but instinct is telling me to go in there and hold her all night if that's what it takes for her to feel better.


Well, I broke down again. I just went in and she was all turned around in her crib with her head against the side. So out went the pillows. I felt awful because that probably hurt her and meant, of course, that I needed to hold her again. I'm hopeful that this time she really will go to sleep. We'll see. I think she's really worn herself out, she never cries this much. I hope now she isn't too tired.

It seems like just when I feel like I'm actually getting kind of good at this parenting thing, Sylvia reminds me I only think that because she's a good baby.

Friday, December 3, 2010

It's a time for Jell-O

So maybe it's been a little while since I wrote... I've been busy! Anyway, you probably want to hear all about Sylvia's first Thanksgiving. Well, it was pretty awesome. You might also wonder why I titled this post the way I did. Well, everyone except Ruth Ann is probably wondering that. It's a line from one of the best songs ever. Follow this link and watch the second video on the list. This is a hard video to find! Also, Air Supply is awesome.

Back to business. Here's a picture of Sylvia and her dad at our first Thanksgiving meal of the day.

Sylvia also got to hang out with her cousins, one she was meeting for the first time! I have to admit, Kaleigh definitely had a way with her. I'm pretty sure Sylvia had never seen such cool hair.

Brady held her a bit, too. He's so cute! Also, Brent was nice enough to introduce Sylvia to a whole new world of beverages.

I'm pretty sure he didn't give her any. She's pretty much always laughing and falling over, so I guess I probably wouldn't have known even if he had. Sylvia did awesome at her first big Pauls family get together. She napped a little bit and did a good job of being cute and getting passed around to adoring family members.

From there we went to my great aunt and uncle's house. John and Alice are really cool and we love hanging out at their house. Sylvia got to meet what I believe are her fourth cousins.

Those are Heidi and Heather's daughters:  Anna, Elaina, and Grace. Heidi and Heather are my dad's first cousins. It's kind of complicated... I try not to think about it too much. They're family, that's all that matters. I could tell that Sylvia goes to a daycare where she gets lots of love and attention from other kids; she seemed like an old pro sitting with her adoring cousins. Her Great Great Uncle John was also tickled to meet her. It seems weird to put two greats in there!

We stayed home for the long weekend so Sylvia got to spend a lot of time with the Gilmore side of her family. (The Pauls family was at the Iowa game in Minnesota, so we'll have to make up for that over Christmas!) Here's a picture of her with her Grandma Gilmore. She's so proud of her first grandchild!

And here's Sylvia with my Grandma Gilmore

I'm pretty sure my grandma is happy to have a baby in the family again. The other cousins just need to start having kids so Sylvia has someone to play with!

Sylvia also posed for some possible Christmas card pictures for Grandma and Grandpa. Here's one I snapped just for the fun of it.

She did really well sitting by the tree. Mom also wanted to try and get the dogs in a picture with her. My dad and I pretty much knew that wasn't going to happen, so we weren't exactly a lot of help. I did a lot more laughing than dog wrangling. It was also funny because she wanted my parents three dogs in the picture but not Petey or my sister's dog. I think you can imagine about how well that worked.

Have I showed you how cute Sylvia is with her cover on her car seat? If I haven't here it is.

I guess that's not the cutest picture Sylvia's ever taken, but imagine opening up the back door of the car, peeking in, and getting a big toothless grin from the little face sticking out. Man, I just love her so much! I think she likes me, too. She's taken to sucking on my face lately. I hear that might be her first attempts to give kisses. Also, she only does it with me, so I feel special. I think she's going to give me a hickey one of these days.

And here's the last picture I want to share with you. I took this picture myself. I laughed so hard when I turned the camera around and saw this. I think she already thinks (knows) I'm a dork.