Monday, December 19, 2011

My first Christmas

This weekend I played hostess for the first time. My mom's side, the Kaufmans, all came over on Saturday to celebrate Christmas. I don't have a lot of decorations or money, so I tried to throw together a few things that wouldn't be too expensive.

I bought some garland and used icicles I already had along with some homemade snowflakes to add so festiveness to the kitchen. I hung a few more throughout the house.

I also made myself a wreath to use the blue/red combo that I couldn't find anywhere.

The elements

The finished product
I ended up really liking it and it's hanging right outside the kitchen. I especially love the sparkly red pine cones.

Saturday went really well. Everyone showed up between noon and 1:00 and we had chili, oyster stew, ham sandwiches, and appetizers/snacks. We do all holidays potluck style, so I didn't have a ton of responsibility in the food department.

Appetizers and snacks
After lunch came presents. The kids drew names earlier and the adults do a white elephant every year.

 Since there's more room in the basement, we opened gifts down there. Isn't that a huge tree?

Blake's gift included a framed 8x10 picture of my cousin Kurt. It was pretty popular.

Blake also had a really good time.

People hung out until 6 or 7 that evening. We played games and sat around and talked. Overall, I think it was a successful first attempt at hosting. My mom was awesome enough to stay from Friday night until late Sunday morning to help with set up and clean up. She also brought extra tables and chairs to make sure everyone had somewhere to sit. Thanks, Mom!

Now to get through the rest of the holiday season!

Oh, one last thing. Want to have nightmares? Ok, here you go.

Remember Bat Boy that used to be on the cover of those supermarket tabloids? That's what this picture reminds me of.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Mommy/daughter photo shoot

Sylvia's been pretty much hilarious lately. A few nights ago, we were left to our own devices when Blake went to hang out with friends. We did what any normal mother and daughter would do. I dressed her up in my clothes while we did laundry and I took pictures. You know, a regular Friday night.

Take 1, love Sylv in this picture, Mom not so much

Of course, we couldn't look nice in the same picture. If you're wondering, She's wearing her turtleneck and one of my tank tops. I had to tie the straps so that she could wear it like a dress. I'm actually wearing that tank top today.

Take 2

Take 3

You get the system

These are all pretty good. Sylvia was making that hilarious face, so I thought, "You know, it would be funny if we were both smiling like that.

So then she won't make the face, until we looked at each other. I look pretty good, huh? There's a reason I didn't post these to Facebook, I don't think everyone wants to see the inside of my nose. You probably don't either, I'm sorry.

Here's Sylvia being mean to me. It's hilarious if you can't tell from her face.

Here are a couple of Sylvia's shots by herself. That girl can be so photogenic at times and other times... Well, other times she takes pictures like these. While hilarious, I'm sure she won't like them when she gets older.

Last but not least, this is the Mommy's tank top/tutu combo. I think it looks great, especially with the jeans underneath.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

That time I made curtains

Last night I finished up the kitchen curtains I've been planning on making since this summer.

Now, they're not perfect regardless of how awesome they look in the picture ;) I made them from a set of bed sheets I bought at an estate sale down the street from us this summer. Since I'm still pretty much a novice when it comes to sewing, I decided rectangles of fabric are probably about all I can handle right now.

The curtain are based on this pattern. In a stroke of genius, I thought to myself, "Why not use that longer hem on the top of the unfitted sheet as the bottom hem of the curtain?" So I did. I also used the entire width of the sheet by cutting the piece in half and hemming the top and one side of each curtain. The curtains only took a little bit of cutting, a little ironing (and pinning), and a little sewing.

I really liked the way they turned out, and it was a bargain since I only paid about $1 for the sheets (which are adorably vintage, if you ask me). The most expensive part was buying a new curtain rod and clips, and that cost me about $12. But now all I need is some cheap fabric and I can switch things up whenever I feel like it. Maybe I should work on Christmas curtains!

Question. I'm thinking about painting the cupboards in the future (and dreaming about beautiful cherry wood floors), what suggestions do you have for me?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Random pics & 10 quick things

So it's been a while. I've been having camera issues and we've been busy so there's been a definite lack of updates lately.

I thought I'd give you a few random phone pictures I've taken recently (or last month).

Shopping with mom during a home football game.
Lennie, hanging out in her favorite spot.
The just because flowers Blake brought home for me a few days ago.
My super cute baby, again. Taken just yesterday.
I kind of super love that last picture. Also, when did my little baby get to be such a little lady? It's insane.

10 quick things about Sylvia:
  1. She (kind of) says thank you now. She's added that to her arsenal of da da, Mom, and kitty.
  2. She's starting to figure out running. It's hilarious.
  3. She loves both of our animals. They get hugs and kisses daily.
  4. She waves goodbye all the time. It usually starts when anyone puts on shoes.
  5. She loves rocking chairs and is pretty good about getting them to go without help.
  6. She has these Easter bunnies that play songs and dance. To Blake's annoyance, she's figured out how to make them play on her own. Her favorite thing is to play them both at the same time and dance.
  7. Running in place is the new dancing.
  8. She's becoming a daddy's girl more and more. The two of them together is just about my favorite thing ever.
  9. She loves books and brings me her favorite animal book all the time. She's starting to repeat sounds for duck, cow, pig, and monkey. Duck and pig are my favorite, she clucks her tongue instead of making any actual noise. I guess oink and quack are a little tough yet. And moo is really just mmmmmm for now.
  10. She loves shoes and socks. Whenever she wants them on, she'll find them, bring them to me or Blake, then lie on floor and hold her foot up in the air. She's started trying to do it herself, too.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Three years

Today Blake and I have been married three years. In some ways it seems like there's no way our wedding was that long ago and other times it seems like we've been married a lot longer. I'd guess that it probably depends on what kind of day we're having.

Blake and I have joking fights a lot and real ones slightly less often, and sometimes it easy to get sucked into seeing the negative. I've been trying to do less of that lately. On that note, Blake doesn't read my blog so I can share a sappy story.

My friends Jamie and Danny got married just a couple months after Blake and I got together. Jamie was nice enough to let me bring Blake even though it was late notice.

During the reception Blake and I both were drinking. If you know Blake, you know that his level of nice and chatty is directly (and positively) related to how much he's had to drink. We were having a great time, but at least once he left the reception to make a phone call. Because I can assume the worst, I was pretty sure he was going outside to call another girl. Before you go thinking I was being paranoid, you need to hear who he said he called and why. When I asked, he told me that he had called his mom to check on his dog. Try to tell me that doesn't sound like a lie.

So, I still had a good time but in the back of my mind, I was sure he was up to no good. Fast forward to about nine months later. He proposed.

That night he, again, had quite a bit to drink and told me something he'd never told me before. He asked if I remembered at Jamie and Danny's wedding when he went outside and made a phone call. I said I did because I was pretty sure he'd been calling another girl. He said that he had actually called his mom but not to check on his dog. He'd called her to tell her that he'd found the one.

I didn't really know what to say. That was less than three months after we met. I don't think his parents even knew he was dating anyone, so I'm sure that phone call was quite the surprise to Arloeen.

My husband may not always be the touchy feely type, but he's deeper than I give him credit for a lot of the time. I came to bed last night and a new purse was on my pillow. He always gives me a hard time about purses, along the lines of having too many of them. When I asked why he gave me that he told me that the third anniversary is leather. What a guy.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Meet Lennie

We've added another little one to our family!

She's somewhere around 3 or 4 months old and completely adorable. She was dumped at my Grandma and Grandpa Gilmore's house a month or so ago. They said she had obviously been living in someone's house and was friendly but always under foot. I saw her one weekend and sent Blake a series of pictures.

Cute, right? Anyway, Blake was ready for me to bring her home that day, but I didn't think it was a good idea. I mean, she'd need all her shots and she'll need to be fixed at some point, probably declawed, too. I was being practical, pets cost money.

Then the next weekend Blake and I were both at my grandparents' house and he picked her up and decided that we needed to have her. I can't say that I put up much of a fight. It had turned cold in the last week, and I hated the thought of the little thing being cold and possibly dying this winter. So she came home with us that day.

It didn't take long for her to make new friends.

Sylvia loves her. We weren't sure how she'd be with her, but so far she's been really gentle and loving with her. Lennie gets lots of hugs and kisses from Sylvia.

Petey's also been surprisingly good with her. She was a little scared of him at first, but they're coexisting nicely. Last night they even played a little bit together. Petey needs to learn when to calm down, though, because it didn't last long before Lennie was hiding.

He actually seems to enjoy having her around a lot of the time. She's gotten a few kisses from Petey as well as Sylvia. And now, here are some more pictures just because she's cute.

She really loves that mouse that she's got in that last picture. It got an opening for catnip, so I'm pretty sure that explains it. We'll end with a video of her playing with it. She's a natural in front of the camera.


Friday, September 30, 2011

Catching up

It's been a while since I posted, I guess I've been busy. Sylvia has been doing some pretty adorable things lately, though, so I thought I should probably get on top of things and share the cuteness.

This first video is what I like to call Sylvia's zombie impression. She did it for a week or so and now seems to have stopped. It's at the end of the video, she doesn't always perform on cue.


She also talks an amazing amount for a baby who doesn't use any actual words. I'm sure those will come along at some point, right? This actually isn't the best example of her babbling. Honestly, there are times where it seems like if she's not sleeping, she's doing nothing but talking. For hours. I love it, though.

And this is Blake's favorite. It's football related and adorable.

So those are the most recent videos. I don't do a whole lot with that because I'm still working with the same digital camera I had in college because I lost our new one at Christmas last year. I'm still bitter about it.

Anyway, time for some cute pictures!

I love this picture! Sylvia really knows how to rock the trench coat. And those are Buster Browns that she's wearing on her feet. Stupid cute.

You may remember Harper from an earlier post. Emily and I have already decided that they're going to be BFFs. They played together so well, it was amazing. The cutest thing about it was that even though Harper is only a month older than Sylvia, she took care of her the whole time. She gave her a drink while she was eating lunch and stroked her hair lovingly while they played. It was awesome.

Here's the Sylvia I see quite often that the outside world does not. Why is she upset? I don't know. Does she want the camera? Probably. Is she well fed and caught up on her naps? Most likely. Did this start out as an "I want your phone" tantrum? Possibly. There's really no reason for these fake crying tantrums, but I hear I'm not alone in this one. The doctor even warned Blake that tantrums are coming and that it's best to just ignore it. I like to take pictures of them because I can use them to embarrass her later in life. Also, those jeans she's wearing are super cute.

Colton, Sylvia's cousin, came over and ate pizza with us last weekend after the game. Sylvia was drawn to him from the second he walked in the door. She wanted to sit on his lap and kept trying to kiss him. I think that made him feel a little awkward, but I love that she's so affectionate. Side note, she's only blatantly affectionate with other people, I have to work hard for those kisses.

This is just a gratuitous picture of the pink pants outfit because I just can't get enough of it!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I recently discovered something hilarious.

Sylvia wearing my socks. I'm not sure what it is, but I can't stop laughing when I put a pair of my socks on her. Partially it's because she actually like it.

We also added a hat and a bib to the mix. It really completed the outfit.

It's a good outfit for reading.

And lounging around.

And walking.

And general adorableness.

The thing that really cracks me up is that the heels of the socks go to about mid-calf which makes it look like there's some kind of joint there. I think she looks like one of those half man, half goat things. After a quick Google effort, I've discovered that is a satyr. I was thinking centaur, but I knew that wasn't right. I also wanted to put some images here for you, but everything I'm finding is creepy. So no.

Anyway, Mom has been watching Sylvia for a couple days this week and when she saw how funny I thought the socks were, she had Sylvia all dressed up in a pair of my socks when I got home from work last night. She also showed me a hilarious new game Sylvia likes to play.


I laughed pretty hard, and I hope that my laughter isn't annoying in the background. I tried to keep it down. It looks like some kind of weird dance to me.

So that's what I've been doing lately. It may seem dumb now, but just wait until Sylvia gets older and I can show her these things. Then it'll be really dumb.