Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Etsy Awesomeness

Ok, so my obsession with Etsy is becoming pretty evident by my recent posts. I thought I would just share a few of the things that I am really loving. I have a problem, there are so many things I can picture having in my new house.

How cute is this guy. He would look totally at home on my future porcelain sink.

The frog and the following crazy wooden pineapples are from Etsy. I think you can all see my obsession.

I want to paint these a fun yellow/gold and hang them on my wall. Is that weird? I mostly just want that big one...

I don't know why, I just love this poster. I want to put in on the wall in my kitchen. And you'll probably think I'm crazy after this next one. Picture the wood painted some cool retro color...

I know, I know. Why? I'm not sure. I just know I like it and looking at it would make me smile. And because it makes me want to sing Captain and Tennille songs. Love... love will keep us together. Was he really a Captain? Who cares! I can be a captain with this mirror in my house!

How cool are these Tupperware pendant lights? Pretty cool. And this owl? Also pretty cool.

Etsy has so much cool stuff! I'm actually in the process of ordering Sylvia's flower girl dress for my sister's wedding from a woman on Etsy. Love it!

Kage and Sylvia take Des Moines

Ok, so we didn't so much take Des Moines as go for a quick overnight visit for a baby shower. My wonderful friend Jamie is expecting in about a month and we (me, Erica, and her mom, Michelle) put on a shower for her. I guess Sylvia helped too, her job was to be adorable. And she was. Check out this picture Michelle got.

 Erica got the outfit for Sylvia, it was adorable. We had a good laugh when Michelle dressed her because the long sleeves under the dress is actually a cardigan. It ended up keeping her nice and warm, though, so it was all good :)

Erica also got Sylvia some super cute sunglasses that she refused to wear until we were outside Saturday and the sun was really, really bright.

How funny is that? She left them on for quite a while outside. She was all business, too. Sunglasses are seriously cool.

I wish I had taken more pictures of the actual shower, but I don't tend to think of those things in the moment. The shower went really well. We won't talk about the morning, though. Sylvia had a little bit of a late night Friday when we got to DM and combined with being out of her element, she was an unhappy girl the following morning. She was all smiles by the time the shower rolled around and had fun being passed around and adored. She's good at that.

I can't wait to meet Baby Fath in approximately a month! Sylvia will have her second new friend. She already had a new friend born recently, Nolan. He's our friends Russ and Jacqueline's new baby. I'll have to steal some of their pictures from Facebook and introduce you to him soon! I also made a sweet baby blanket for him that I'd love to share.

Friday, February 18, 2011

I might have a problem

Ok, so I was just browsing on Etsy to see what other prints were out there for vintage carnival types of things... I totally just bought two more. They're pretty awesome. I got these from elgarbo. I think they'll make good companions for the others I ordered.

Fun in the Sun - 8x10 fine art photo print BOGO SALE 

 Ballooning - 8x8 fine art photo print BOGO SALE

Sylvia's New Room

I have been absolutely obsessed with ideas for decorating our new house. Well, hopefully it will be our new house, I shouldn't get too far ahead of myself. I can't really say much though, I've already spent approximately $100 dollars on decorations. I thought I would share some of my inspiration for Sylvia's new room.

First of all, I've found some colors that I really, really like.

SW6695 Midday This is Midday by Sherwin Williams, their site is good for looking at paint choices online. I think this would look amazing on the walls of her room.
SW0068 Copen Blue This is Copen Blue also by Sherwin Willimams. I think it would look awesome on the ceiling. I love love love this color. I'm thinking of doing a slightly darker shade for the walls in our room.

I've had these colors figured out for about a week. But what really made me want to write this post today is the gorgeous prints I ordered on Etsy yesterday. Are you familiar with it? If not, you should be. You can find tons of original artwork, crafts, clothing as well as awesome vintage decorations and tons of other stuff.

Anyway, I came across the work of bomobob, at least that's what his store is called. He's a photographer in Canada, and I instantly loved his work. There was a sale and one of the options was four 8x10s/8x8s, and I just had to do it. It took me quite a while and a conference with my friend Emily before I was ready to make a decision. I actually had different pictures picked out (except for the third one down), but then felt they were too pink and babyish. These definitely have that vintage feel and make me feel happy when I look at them. I'm so excited to get these and see them in person.

 Panoramic ferris wheel in barcelona spain at tibidabo park on a cream textured sky- Fine Art Travel Carnival Photography Print of Spain 10x10 - BOGO 

 Happiness -  4x6 a dreamy red yellow blue ferris wheel on a summer sky of green pink and cream bokeh hearts fryeburg county fair in october -  Fine Art Carnival Photo 

 33% OFF SALE - I Remember Summer  - muted pastel colors ferris wheel at the country fair midway on a soft delicate baby blue summer sky yellow red orange turquoise gold cars - 8x10 Fine Art Carnival Photo 

Once I see the prints, I'll be able to tweak my paint colors a little if I need to. The sky in the pictures might look better with a little bit different shade of blue on the ceiling, but we'll see. I'm sure the theme of the pictures is pretty obvious. I never thought I'd be one to decorate with carnival types of pictures, but I just loved these pictures. There will never be any clowns though. Ever.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Her name is Loraine

We are in love. She might look a little weird on the outside, but she makes up for it on the inside. After only a couple weeks of looking, we found the one. Well, actually we found it on the first day of looking but still took our time to look around a little bit.

 Two or three Sundays ago we went to three open houses. The second one we looked at was Loraine. (I call her that because the house is on Loraine Street.) I actually had a hell of a time trying to convince Blake that we should take a look. He was scared by her minty green siding. I'm not going to lie, it's not great. There was just something about it that made me want to see the inside of the house. We are so glad we did.

Here is the living room, you can see the front door on the right. It's not a huge room, but it's cozy and has a really nice big window that lets in tons of light.

Here's a shot from the living room into the kitchen, you can see the front door mat over to the left. This is my favorite thing about the house, I love that the kitchen isn't cut off from the living room. It's open and airy for being a fairly small house. It makes for a small dining area, but I have an idea on how to fix that. We'll save it for another post.

The kitchen isn't huge and it's a little outdated, but it's got lots of cupboard and counter space. No dishwasher but I've already gotten the promise from the hubby that we'll fix that. I believe him because he does dishes at least as often as I do.

Up next is the what sold Blake on the house. While we were walking around he told me, "I'm not hating it." That's a pretty big compliment by Blake standards. But then we walked downstairs. Blake said one word, "Sold."

The basement has been very recently finished. Well, half the basement. The other half is unfinished and has the laundry area, a sink and toilet, and lots of storage. It's pretty awesome.

Here's another angle. We're already picturing a sectional down there. Mmmmm. Sectional. I just drooled a little. Also, the carpet is a really nice brownish shag. I love it. I can totally picture Sylvia rolling around.

These pictures were all stolen from here. I'm not sure if that will stay up or not. I also took a few of my own pictures when we looked at it the second time. I'll post those soon. There are pictures of the upstairs bathroom and the bedrooms (there are three of them). I might also ask Blake to send me a simple floor plan (he's good at that stuff), so you can see the layout. It's awesome. The way the house is set up is one of the main things that sold me on it. 

It's also got a nice sized yard. There's only a one car garage. We would have liked a two, but it definitely wasn't a deal breaker for us.

So that's our house! I love it so much already. It's in good shape and we could actually move in and not change a thing, but I have so many ideas already. I'm excited to tell you all of the things I want to do to make Loraine our own. We close on March 25th, and it can't come fast enough!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So Sylvia recently started eating veggies. I've come to find that she prefers the orange to the green. She loves squash and sweet potatoes but doesn't care much for peas or especially green beans. She gets that from her dad. I love green beans. I have to admit, though, that I tried her green beans and even I prefer the squash.

I actually made the squash myself and it wasn't much work (and it really was delicious, I would totally eat it myself). Recently I ordered some baby food freezing trays, basically silicon molds, so I can make a bunch and freeze it up. They came just yesterday! With a jar of baby food costing about 50 cents, I think I could probably save some money making it myself. I can also put the 14 cup food processor I got for Christmas to work!

Here's an example of the face Sylvia makes when she realizes the squash is all gone.

"Say it ain't so, Ma!" is what I picture her saying to me in this picture. Or maybe, "Why do you do this to me?" Either way, it cracks me up a little.