Monday, May 23, 2011

Cheese Monster

Sylvia loves cheese. She's like her mom. I love cheese, too. I often will just eat shredded cheese right out of the bag, it's messy and probably not very attractive. The love of shredded cheese out of the bag has been passed down to my daughter.

She's kind of hilarious when she eats it. I call her the Cheese Monster. She waves her arms around and makes weird noises. I started saying, "Cheese Monster!" when she's eating, and she'll usually respond with the arm waving and weird noises.

I got a little bit of it on video the other day. Please ignore how annoying I sound when I say Cheese Monster. It's embarrassing, really, but she likes it. I promise. Love makes you do stupid things.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Time for the baby gate

She's finally crawling, as in from one room to another. I got a little bit of it on video.

I like this one because you can see that she's still not super coordinated. She also still gets angry because she's not getting where she wants to be fast enough. Also featured in this video are a couple things we got from IKEA, more on that later!


This one is funny because she burps. I didn't even notice at the time. Then she gets interested in the chair.


I know that she's almost 11 months old, so it's time for her to be crawling and walking, but it's still a little sad to think that she's growing up so fast. Also, now I have to open and close a baby gate every time I have to go downstairs.


I just wanted to share this picture because it makes me laugh. I took this near my parents house. For those of you who might know where that is, this at the end of Esgate where it meets my parents road. I took this picture at Easter. We were back last weekend and it's still up.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bob Seger is awesome

So the concert was this weekend. For years I've been saying that if Bob Seger does another tour, I definitely want to see him live. I wasn't sure I was going to get to do that, but this weekend it happened. It was awesome! I just went to find a review of the concert, and it seems I wasn't the only one who thought he put on a good show.

This is the opening song from Saturday night. Roll Me Away is one of my favorite songs. The view isn't so great from where these people were sitting so you can't really see anything, but he sounds great. The saxophone player was awesome, too. I'm not much for the old sax, but without it you wouldn't have awesome songs like Turn the Page.

This is where we sat. We were right in the middle of the first row of the upper level. I was hoping for better seats, but I didn't want to pay scalper prices. The day after I bought our tickets, seats in the same section were selling for more than double what I paid for them. Our seats were actually pretty good. It was nice to be in the front and not too far to the side that we couldn't see very well while still being close enough to actually see what was going on.

I thought maybe Bob would sound old or look old or act old, but that wasn't the case. I mean, sure, he's like 66 and has gray hair, but he performed with so much energy and was so obviously loving it that you kind of forgot that he's been doing this since the 60s.

I left the concert a little sad just because it seemed like once he was on stage the time flew by. It was awesome, though. If I could, I'd go back and do the whole weekend over again just the way it happened. There are other stories from the weekend to tell, but this was most important!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Crawling and Waddling

This post is going to be full of bad quality phone pics. But slightly fuzzy pictures are better than none at all, right? I hope so.

First of all, super exciting news. Sylvia crawled! I didn't think it was ever going to happen, she's two weeks past the 10 month mark. That's not the only reason though, she's been standing lately! One night she was sitting on the floor in the bathroom while her bath water ran and she was really curious about what was going on in the tub. She was trying to pull herself up on the side of the tub, it didn't work but with a little help she loves to stand up and lean on things. She's even taken a few sideways steps occasionally. It usually ends with her falling, but it's super cute and exciting!

This is, obviously, not her first time standing but it's the following morning, April 28th. What a big girl! Sorry I don't have any pictures of her crawling, our camera is dead and I was excited and not even thinking about taking a picture.

Also, we have ducks that stop by our house on a regular basis. A neighbor boy asked if those were our ducks the other night. No but it would be cool if they were.

More exciting Sylvia news, we gave her spaghetti for the first time recently.

She thought it was pretty good.

The Parmesan container and the banana yogurt was pretty good too. I'm not sure why she has plastic carrots on her tray.

Ready for cuteness overload?

The super cute outfit is from Jamie. I took this picture to send to her and show her how adorable Sylvia is in her "Still living at home" onesie. I love the happy look on her face in this one.

Next is the cake I made for Easter. It was partially for Easter and partially for Blake's oldest brother, Chad, who turned 40 this year. It turned out looking pretty good and it didn't taste bad either. Win. I sent a picture of it to Kristin, she thought it was pancakes. Those would be some super delicious pancakes.

And last but not least, I got flowers from my bosses on Administrative Professional's Day. They were gorgeous and most of them are still going strong at home.

Aren't they pretty?!?! I wasn't expecting that and I definitely didn't expect to get anything so nice. And so what if I'm just a glorified secretary, you gotta start somewhere, right?