Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More birthday pics

Yesterday my mother in law sent me some great pictures from Sylvia's birthday party. I thought I would share some of them since I didn't get a ton during the party. I was busy and stuff.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The party

The party has happened. I thought it might never get here! Now I'm not entirely sure what to do with my life. Just kidding, kinda.

Let me start by saying how awesome my parents are. They're super awesome. They each took vacation time in order to get everything ready for the party including cooking and cleaning and all sorts of other things. There was a lot to do, and they did almost all of it without me. I'm definitely spoiled by them, but it's ok because I appreciate it, right?

I also want to say how much I appreciate everyone else who helped. Blake's side all brought food and drinks for everyone. My family brought some food, too. And my Aunt Debbie and Grandma helped Mom with cooking during the week and Debbie helped all weekend with cleaning and setting up. It's so awesome to have such great family.

I also have to say thanks to the guy I considered my honorary little brother for the weekend, Casey Starr. He was out staying with my parents for the week, helping Dad on the farm, and he put in a lot of hours helping us get ready.

I'm so glad so many people came. I think we had somewhere between 50 and 60, it was quite a turn out!

On to the pictures, right?

Here's the garage before the real prep began.

How cool is that desk I found randomly shoved in a corner?
My parents even borrowed tables from the neighbors so we'd have enough seating.
My dad and Casey got the hayride ready to go!
Friday was a hot and muggy day, that's when we got a lot of the big stuff arranged. I almost was hoping it would rain so Saturday would be more pleasant. However, I didn't need to worry. Saturday was a gorgeous day, warm and breezy enough to keep it comfortable.

Here's the cute balloons Casey and hung on the wagon on Friday. They all deflated by Saturday morning.

Here's an in progress shot of the garage.
 So you see those streamers my dad and I painstakingly hung? Yeah, they were all saggy and droopy and damp by morning. So we got to redo them all just to have the sag again by the time of the party. Luckily, I didn't get too upset over it and Dad was a sport.

Here are some of the covered tables and centerpieces on their way to being completed.
The finished product
I really liked the way the garage ended up looking. I had made center pieces to go on each of the tables, but it was too windy to put them outside. Each center piece is a mason jar with a couple of pictures inside, three t-shirt flowers, and three balloons.

A better view of the centerpieces
Time capsule table
We decided to do a time capsule for Sylvia to open on her 18th birthday. I used the awesome old desk I found to hold it, some pictures of Sylvia, and prints of her 12 month pictures to take with them.

Sylvia's picture display and the food!
In the picture above you can see what I did with all of those pictures of Sylvia I printed out. I used twine that I borrowed from Dad and clothes pins that I borrowed from Mom. It turned out really well, and the edge of the loft was a perfect height for displaying them.

Outside the garage
This picture was to get a shot of the bunting that I (and my sister) made. And those balloons, yeah, deflated about two hours after I hung them up. So they were gone before the party started. Damn balloons. The bunting was really cute, though!

Sylvia's gifts!
Sylvia got so many awesome gifts from everyone that came. I had kind of forgotten that inviting a lot of people means you end up with lots of awesome stuff! I'm excited to write thank yous, because I was so happy that so many people were able to make it. Well, as excited as you can get about thank you writing.

Mom's handiwork
How awesome is my mom? I loved, loved, loved Sylvia's cake! The inspiration came from a picture I saw online, and it turned out so well.

So you probably want to see some pictures of Sylvia, huh?

Here's some pictures from opening gifts. Jacqueline took these for us, thanks!

What a nice picture of us, huh?
Everyone watching opening presents/smash cake

And Sylvia did great with her cake! She actually ate about half of her smash cake. That girl loves her cake! Although she did end up rubbing frosting in her eyes and that kind of sucked. But she got a bath and everything was right with the world!

Want to see our cute family photo?


And then the frosting in the eyes happened. Is this a common thing at first birthdays? Maybe Sylvia just rubs her eyes a lot or maybe she needed a nap.

Poor thing :(
You wouldn't know it, but she just kept right on eating through the pain. She demolished half of that cake, seriously.

So then my camera battery died. I was having too much fun enjoying the party, too. So there aren't really more pictures of the day. I've sent out an email to a few people, we'll see if anything comes back. If anyone reading this has pictures, definitely send them to me!

Things I didn't get pictures of:
  1. All of the guests as they were sitting around
  2. All of the awesome games we had going on during the party like bean bags, ladder ball, and washers. There were bubbles, wiffle balls and bats, and squirt guns, too!
  3. All the kids and grownups on the hayride
  4. All the kids enjoying the favor bags that I put together, I totally made homemade chocolate chip cookies and s'mores on a stick!
S'mores on a stick

 Anyway, I have pictures from clean up the next day. Sylvia had a great time then, too. I'll share those later, though. I figure 800 pictures is enough for one day.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Walking, kinda

I took a totally cute video of my baby yesterday. She's walking. I mean, with the help of a toy but still... kinda walking.


I think she's getting pretty close! She likes to walk around a lot while we hold her hands now, before she would lift her legs up whenever we tried to get her to walk with us. I don't think we're quite going to make the first birthday goal/wish I had for her to take her first steps, but I don't mind. I'm just enjoying every goofy minute with her.

PS- Sorry that video looks so dark. It didn't look like that until I posted it.