Friday, September 30, 2011

Catching up

It's been a while since I posted, I guess I've been busy. Sylvia has been doing some pretty adorable things lately, though, so I thought I should probably get on top of things and share the cuteness.

This first video is what I like to call Sylvia's zombie impression. She did it for a week or so and now seems to have stopped. It's at the end of the video, she doesn't always perform on cue.


She also talks an amazing amount for a baby who doesn't use any actual words. I'm sure those will come along at some point, right? This actually isn't the best example of her babbling. Honestly, there are times where it seems like if she's not sleeping, she's doing nothing but talking. For hours. I love it, though.

And this is Blake's favorite. It's football related and adorable.

So those are the most recent videos. I don't do a whole lot with that because I'm still working with the same digital camera I had in college because I lost our new one at Christmas last year. I'm still bitter about it.

Anyway, time for some cute pictures!

I love this picture! Sylvia really knows how to rock the trench coat. And those are Buster Browns that she's wearing on her feet. Stupid cute.

You may remember Harper from an earlier post. Emily and I have already decided that they're going to be BFFs. They played together so well, it was amazing. The cutest thing about it was that even though Harper is only a month older than Sylvia, she took care of her the whole time. She gave her a drink while she was eating lunch and stroked her hair lovingly while they played. It was awesome.

Here's the Sylvia I see quite often that the outside world does not. Why is she upset? I don't know. Does she want the camera? Probably. Is she well fed and caught up on her naps? Most likely. Did this start out as an "I want your phone" tantrum? Possibly. There's really no reason for these fake crying tantrums, but I hear I'm not alone in this one. The doctor even warned Blake that tantrums are coming and that it's best to just ignore it. I like to take pictures of them because I can use them to embarrass her later in life. Also, those jeans she's wearing are super cute.

Colton, Sylvia's cousin, came over and ate pizza with us last weekend after the game. Sylvia was drawn to him from the second he walked in the door. She wanted to sit on his lap and kept trying to kiss him. I think that made him feel a little awkward, but I love that she's so affectionate. Side note, she's only blatantly affectionate with other people, I have to work hard for those kisses.

This is just a gratuitous picture of the pink pants outfit because I just can't get enough of it!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I recently discovered something hilarious.

Sylvia wearing my socks. I'm not sure what it is, but I can't stop laughing when I put a pair of my socks on her. Partially it's because she actually like it.

We also added a hat and a bib to the mix. It really completed the outfit.

It's a good outfit for reading.

And lounging around.

And walking.

And general adorableness.

The thing that really cracks me up is that the heels of the socks go to about mid-calf which makes it look like there's some kind of joint there. I think she looks like one of those half man, half goat things. After a quick Google effort, I've discovered that is a satyr. I was thinking centaur, but I knew that wasn't right. I also wanted to put some images here for you, but everything I'm finding is creepy. So no.

Anyway, Mom has been watching Sylvia for a couple days this week and when she saw how funny I thought the socks were, she had Sylvia all dressed up in a pair of my socks when I got home from work last night. She also showed me a hilarious new game Sylvia likes to play.


I laughed pretty hard, and I hope that my laughter isn't annoying in the background. I tried to keep it down. It looks like some kind of weird dance to me.

So that's what I've been doing lately. It may seem dumb now, but just wait until Sylvia gets older and I can show her these things. Then it'll be really dumb.