Monday, November 14, 2011

Random pics & 10 quick things

So it's been a while. I've been having camera issues and we've been busy so there's been a definite lack of updates lately.

I thought I'd give you a few random phone pictures I've taken recently (or last month).

Shopping with mom during a home football game.
Lennie, hanging out in her favorite spot.
The just because flowers Blake brought home for me a few days ago.
My super cute baby, again. Taken just yesterday.
I kind of super love that last picture. Also, when did my little baby get to be such a little lady? It's insane.

10 quick things about Sylvia:
  1. She (kind of) says thank you now. She's added that to her arsenal of da da, Mom, and kitty.
  2. She's starting to figure out running. It's hilarious.
  3. She loves both of our animals. They get hugs and kisses daily.
  4. She waves goodbye all the time. It usually starts when anyone puts on shoes.
  5. She loves rocking chairs and is pretty good about getting them to go without help.
  6. She has these Easter bunnies that play songs and dance. To Blake's annoyance, she's figured out how to make them play on her own. Her favorite thing is to play them both at the same time and dance.
  7. Running in place is the new dancing.
  8. She's becoming a daddy's girl more and more. The two of them together is just about my favorite thing ever.
  9. She loves books and brings me her favorite animal book all the time. She's starting to repeat sounds for duck, cow, pig, and monkey. Duck and pig are my favorite, she clucks her tongue instead of making any actual noise. I guess oink and quack are a little tough yet. And moo is really just mmmmmm for now.
  10. She loves shoes and socks. Whenever she wants them on, she'll find them, bring them to me or Blake, then lie on floor and hold her foot up in the air. She's started trying to do it herself, too.