Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Missing my baby

Sylvia is spending the week with her Grandma Gilmore. Daycare is closed this week, and my mom was nice enough to take Sylvia back to Maquoketa with her for the week. I'm enjoying the quiet time at the house, but there are definitely times when I miss her like crazy. Putting away groceries is one of her favorite activities, and she missed it this week. It went much more quickly this time, but it wasn't nearly as fun.

Blake and I did enjoy a date night on Monday, we did a little shopping and had a delicious meal at Wildwood Saloon in Iowa City. I've gotten some cleaning and laundry done, and I even went on a run Monday morning.

I do miss Sylvia's smiling face, though. Hell, I even kind of miss her temper tantrums. I won't see her until Saturday and she left with Mom on Sunday. That is a long time, definitely the longest I've been away from her. She loves my mom, though, so at least I know she's with someone I suspect she might love even a little more than me. I think it's the spoiling she gets with Grandma ;)

Here are a few things I miss.

Watching her attack/kiss Lennie. Can you tell that Lennie's really into it?

Watching her do her "work" during breakfast.

Taking silly pictures together.

Seeing all the cool things she can do day by day, like hold a pen correctly.

Watching her eat snow, but I guess there isn't any right now.

Knowing that she's backwashing into my water.
Saturday will probably be here before I know it, so I should enjoy the time while I've got it. That doesn't mean I can't watch videos of her when I miss her though, right?