Monday, March 26, 2012

Ice cream and a haircut

Sylvia got a haircut this weekend.

The surprising part is that Blake did it. Without my permission, I should add. But it looks really cute, and she seriously couldn't see. The only thing is that now she has a mullet, but I guess we can fix that in time. What I thought was really impressive was that he did it with his beard trimmers. He said he didn't use the scissors because he didn't want to make her look like Lloyd Christmas. I can't help but think that was a pointed comment.

To celebrate the haircut and the beautiful weather, I thought I would take her to get an ice cream cone.

She looked pleased, don't you think? Also, that's a baby cone. I don't know about you, but when I think of baby cones, I remember a tiny pointy ice cream cone with a very small amount of ice cream. This was not that baby cone. She loved it, though!

I choose to see her casting an adoring gaze at her wonderful mother in that last picture. It could be that or the beginning of a sugar coma. Either way, it's a look of bliss and it always gives me the warm fuzzies to know I'm making her happy. It makes me think this is why people take their kids to crazy expensive places like Disneyland when they're too young to remember it.

Here, we were practicing her senior portrait poses when she bonked her head on the back of the bench (maybe it's a table, I don't know). Luckily, when you have ice cream, it numbs the pain.

I loved her ridiculous outfit. I can't even lie and tell you that she picked it out. However, I can tell you that in the beginning of the day there were pants, but it just got too hot for them. But a green leopard print skirt works too, right?