Thursday, July 12, 2012

Baby, You're a Firework!

It's getting dangerously close to being too late to post about Independence Day, but I wanted to share Sylvia's first experience with fireworks.

First, though, some pictures!

So I made those. Not a good picture, but I had hoped to take some better ones after we got to the party. That did not happen. As we drove across Cedar Rapids, they all fell over. A few lost their frosting and I lost my temper. I'm sure that's shocking news to all of you, Katie getting really angry over something that doesn't really matter.

Luckily, I recovered and didn't ruin the day for everyone. At least, I think I didn't.

We were not expecting any water activities, but nothing was going to keep Sylvia out of that pool! She had a great time splashing around and making friends. I think she met everyone at the party whether they were willing or not.

We were hanging out with by brother-in-law's family. They have an awesome party every year. We've attended the last couple years, and it's always a great time.

Once the sun went down, it was time for fireworks!



(fireworks pics stolen from Al's niece, Breezy. Thanks!)

She didn't quite get the looking up thing at first, but after some help from Grandma, she was hooked. In fact, she wondered out loud why they would stop at all?

That gives you a good idea of how much she enjoyed them. But for people like my mom who'd like to see more, I'm including a couple extra videos. I love watching her face! Wouldn't you love to see fireworks for the very first time again?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Party at the park

We had Sylvia's birthday party last weekend at a park near our house. We rented a pavilion through the city and prayed that it wouldn't rain. Luckily, it didn't rain and was hot but not so hot you want to punch yourself. You know, like today or any day in the past week.

I didn't take many pictures, so I'm stealing most of them. (Thanks, Emily!) I'm still waiting on some, so maybe you'll see more later!

First of all, let's appreciate the beautiful cake my mom made.

Sylvia helped me pick out colors and a theme (pink and green, ladybugs). I drew a really simple idea for the cake and mom made it Cute, huh?!?

Cute tiara from the Uhl family

Sporting a super cute hair bow and tutu from the Fretts
 Before cake, however, was presents. It was kind of hard to keep Sylvia focused, but Harper was there to help and we eventually go them all opened. I think Sylvia's going to be a girl that enjoys dressing up. She pretty much just loves to be the center of attention at all times.

Her Uncle Sean got this picture. He also got a super cute one last year. I used it for thank yous. How does he do it?

She was a little more sophisticated this year. She used a fork. Wasn't it cute that Mom made the topper so Sylvia had her own little cake?

After presents and food came the splash pad! That was probably the biggest hit of the day.

The kids had such a fun time! It took Sylvia and Harper a little while to get comfortable in the water. They played on the swings for a while first. Gracie and Garet were all over it right away, though!

Here's a little video Blake took of Sylvia. She wasn't quite sure about all that yet.

The pavilion where we had the party wasn't too far away, just across the creek that runs through the park.

The cups were a big hit. You know, besides throwing water, people get thirsty!

We played in the water for some where around an hour or so, I think. I was having so much fun that I didn't really keep track of the time very well. Kristin and Al were nice enough to do most of the clean up so we were ready to pack up and head out once the kids were splashed out.

After that came the next awesome part of the day: Sylvia's playhouse!

Here it is on its side... I haven't taken very many good pictures yet. But it shows some of the guys that were there helping set it up. My dad and grandpa, Al, Blake, and Colton.

And Bruce! He was there to supervise ;) My dad actually made this from the old playhouse that sits (well, used to sit) in my parents' backyard. My mom played in it when she was younger, so it's really awesome to keep it in the family. Sylvia loved it! It's not quite finished, the painting and floor needs to be finished, and my dad is making a super cute door for it. And you know I'm already dreaming up decorating ideas.

Here she is rearranging her furniture. Grandma and Grandpa Pauls got her a super cute table and chairs to furnish her new house.

The box was also a lot of fun to play with.

And while the guys were hard at work, Sylvia had fun playing with her Grandmas (she had four of them there!) and her Aunts Kristin and Debbie.

If it gives you any indication, we got 13 hours of uninterrupted sleep from Sylvia that night. It was an exhausting day, but it was a great time!