Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I love my parents

I really should have posted this yesterday. Forgive me, Mom? It was my parents' 30th anniversary. That seems like such a long time, probably because it is. So Happy Anniversary!

My parents were high school sweethearts. I kind of love that I can say that.

They even got fake married in high school.

 My mom was only a few months past her 19th birthday when they got real married. My dad wasn't 21 yet.

Mom was still a few months shy of 21 when I was born.

Then two years later, Kristin came along. And all Hell broke loose. Just kidding, seester!

Considering I am pushing 30 (almost) and have a two year old daughter, it blows my mind to think of everything my parents had gone through by the time they were my age. Like most couples that manage to stay together past that 10.. 20... 30 year mark, it hasn't always been sunshine and roses. That's part of what makes me so proud of them. It doesn't take much anymore for people to throw in the towel, but my parents have gotten through the rough patches and come out better on the other side.

Lookin' good!

They've always done so much for me and Kristin but still managed to raise us to appreciate what we have. They work hard. They love their family. They've set the bar pretty high. They never complained when they had to drive six hours round trip (twice) in a weekend to bring me home from college. They never complained when I moved (meaning they helped me move) every single year from the time I graduated from high school until Sylvia was born. They never complain when I ask them to watch Sylvia when daycare is closed or I want to join Blake at a football game. The list of the things they've done for me and for my family wouldn't fit on the internet.

Five years ago, as a gift, I made a slideshow for their 25th anniversary and succeeded in making them both cry. So, Mom or Dad, if you're reading this, feel free not to watch it again. But I thought I would share it here. It goes right up to the time I met Blake, so it's a little bittersweet because it was at the end of the time when my family was just my family. It was still just the four of us, which was nice. I've been blessed to have grown up in such a tight-knit family. I hope I'm creating one of my own.


So, congratulations, Mom and Dad! Thanks for being awesome.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First (Real) Sleepover

As you probably know, Sylvia already has a BFF. Her name is Harper, and they are totally cute together. Two weekends ago, Sylvia and I went to visit Harper (and her parents, of course) at her new house. Here are some of my favorite pictures.

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to get two little kids to look at the camera at the same time. I'm pretty sure I tried about a thousand times and never got one.

And if that wasn't cute enough already, there may have been some dancing going on.

They both stayed in Harper's room, and for a while I wasn't sure if it was going to work. Sylvia was not doing well in a new place. Harper likes to sing when she goes to bed. In the end though, it all worked out and they slept until 7:00 am. Which is sleeping in for people with kids. From what I hear, Harper still won't let Emily take down "Sylvia's bed" in her room. They were meant to be best friends.